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Do you wish that you could get your home or workspace organised?

Would you like a helping hand to start and complete the task?

I will:

  • Listen to your needs, worries and aspirations
  • Help sort and declutter items that you no longer need
  • Consider your space and provide suggestions to get the most out of the room you have available
  • Re-use items that you already have in your home, or suggest storage or solutions that may work for you
  • Respect your property and belongings
  • Offer advice in a calm, impartial way without judgements
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General Organising and Decluttering

I can work with you to organise individual rooms or the whole house. Perhaps the cupboard under the stairs needs attention? Or maybe you need to get your living room sorted? How about the kids’ toys? Whatever you need help with organising, I can offer a friendly and professional service and get your house in order. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Do you need to organise your paperwork, envelopes or folders? I can work with you to sort any paperwork that you have around the home, helping you create simple and manageable filing systems that will be easy to maintain.

clean office desk
organised wardrobe

Life Changes

Perhaps you’re looking to transform your spare room into a nursery and need help getting the task done? Or maybe you’re looking to sell your home and need to get it organised and tidied before putting it on the market? Perhaps you’ve already sold your property and facing the task of packing up and moving? Whatever challenges you may be facing, I can help with all aspects of decluttering and organising, packing and unpacking, to help make the tasks as easy for you as possible.


Is your wardrobe overflowing? Do you tend to wear the same outfits repeatedly? Would you like to be able to select an outfit quickly? I can help you sort out your wardrobe and create simple systems that suit your needs.

tidy organised wardrobe
clean tidy workspace

Virtual Organising Sessions

Would you like to tackle the task of organising your space, but feel that time is a challenge?
Or perhaps you just need a guiding hand to start the task so that you can complete the work yourself?
How about a virtual session to get you on your way? After identifying an area that needs to be decluttered or tidied, I can offer a video call to advise on the best way to start the task, or guide you step-by-step through the process.


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